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Who is Kevin A. Guttman?

Reverse mortgages have helped millions of older Americans stay in their homes and live the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

Kevin A. Guttman has helped many Colorado seniors get the income they needed by providing honest advice and exceptional service. Our team also helps provides Jumbo loans in Colorado as well.

He’s earned their trust, and will earn yours too.

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Highly Rated Reverse Mortgage Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado

“My realtor friend suggested I contact Fairway Mortgage to look into a reverse mortgage.  At 63 and single, I owned my home free and clear, but wanted to buy a truck and travel trailer and see the USA!  From the equity in my home, I was able to do just that.  Kevin Guttman listened carefully to my goals, and helped me understand the nuances and benefits of a reverse mortgage.  I couldn’t be happier.  Being able to travel and see the USA is a dream come true for me.  Thank you Kevin, I sure appreciate all you have done for me!”

Susie S.

“I am an active 84-year-old single woman and was short each month to be able to buy groceries.  I was living on social security and rent from my rented-out duplex unit.  However, I still had a mortgage payment of over $700 a month, and I was having to use my credit cards to stay afloat, which was another $300 a month.  When I closed on my reverse mortgage, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, freeing up about $1,000 a month.  I sure sleep better at night not worrying about money.  Thank you Kevin for all of your help!”

Carmine S.

“Our goal was to eliminate our monthly mortgage payment of $1,500 a month.  In our late 60s, our only source of income is social security and a small pension, so there isn’t a lot of extra money each month.  This reverse mortgage changed our lives!  Now we don’t have to watch every penny and we don’t worry about money.  We are so grateful to Kevin for his excellent advice and counsel.”

Rich & Ruby T.

“I know Kevin Guttman from church, as he is one of our pastors.  He mentioned to me that there was a way for me to stop paying my mortgage each month and that my house could start paying me tax free!  Of course at 83 years of age, I didn’t want a mortgage payment any longer!  I was a bit concerned about the fees, but they are paid with equity and not out of pocket.  In the long run the loan paid for itself in the first year, so I felt it was worth it.  Plus now I have freed up $1,000 a month and I can travel and help the charities I believe in.  Great job Kevin, I appreciate you setting me free of the monthly ball and chain of a mortgage payment.”

Ron J.

“Our financial planner suggested we contact Kevin Guttman about a reverse mortgage.  Although our home is free and clear, we felt vulnerable as we had no long term care insurance.  Our plan was to pay for our long term care insurance from equity in our home.  Now we feel we are ready for the years ahead.  We are grateful our financial planner knew about reverse mortgages and sent us to a local, licensed professional like Kevin Guttman.”

Keith & Donna H.