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The truth about reverse mortgages is that you always maintain your title during the life of the loan from Kevin Guttman Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

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Reverse Mortgage Benefits – No Monthly Payment from Kevin Guttman onFAQ Reverse Mortgage Retirement Budget Example

FAQ Reverse Mortgage Retirement Budget Example

Is a reverse mortgage a ripoff?2019-11-12T12:44:10-07:00

Is a reverse mortgage a ripoff?

FHA doesn’t care how the loan proceeds are used meaning that you have several different payment options from Kevin Guttman

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There is a myth that you will leave debt to your children if you take out a reverse mortgage. The truth is a homeowner or their heirs never owe a payment; A is never required with a reverse mortgage. As long as you continue to pay the property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintain the home you can live in the home and not have to pay a monthly mortgage payment.

Watch this video to find out all the details related to reverse mortgage and heirs

FAQ Reverse Mortgage Heirs Responsibility

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Reverse Mortgage Living Expense Inflation from Kevin Guttman o