With so many options for home financing, it’s important to be educated and know what will work best for your situation when looking for which mortgage is best in retirement?.

mortgage in retirement

Seniors living on a fixed income in retirement often enter retirement with a mortgage. Mortgages have different purposes at different stages of one’s life. For example, first time home buyers may choose a FHA mortgage because of the low down payment, more lenient credit requirements, job history and it’s
easier to qualify for. Veterans and military personnel utilize their VA eligibility and opt for a VA loan.
As home owners get more established in their careers, get married, start a family, they often need more
space. They will buy a larger home and go with a Conventional home loan, putting 5-20% down. At this
point they have stronger credit, more income and assets and can able to qualify for this type of

Choosing a Loan for Your Stage of Life

Once the children reach the teenage years, there is another move families make which is to a ‘legacy
home’ where a jumbo loan may be the best option. Or, disciplined borrowers may utilize the “All in One
Loan” which helps them pay off their home in the shortest amount of time and paying the least amount
in interest. So, each loan has a purpose for the stage of life a person is in.

best mortgage for retirees

What is the best type of mortgage for someone in retirement?

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM is hands down the best option. Why is this?

                    • no payment is required, which provides financial flexibility
                    • the house is responsible for repayment and not the borrower
                    • there is no pre payment penalty
                    • homeowners remain on title
                    • seniors can maintain their independence

To learn if the HECM is the best option for you or someone you care about reach out to me, I would be happy to answer your questions. 833-693-7848