How To Retire On Little Money


You Don’t Have To Work Until You Die

The other day I met with a client and she said “I guess I’ll just work until I die.”  This isn’t the first time a senior that I have met with has said that. More and more seniors are working past retirement age not because they want to, but because they have to! If you’ve ever wondered how To Retire On Little Money then you should know that there is hope.

Things can be very different

However, if they understood the power of our specialized financing program for senior homeowners, it could change their work plans. If we could eliminate their mandatory, monthly mortgage payment, the largest expense in a senior’s budget, it would be a game changer.

Enjoy Your Retirement

At the end of our conversation, this elderly woman had hope, that she won’t have to work until she dies. I showed her how we can shift the responsibility of making her mortgage payment from herself to her home. She is very excited to stop working and enjoy her retirement.