How To Have A Happily Ever After Retirement – FHA reverse mortgage By Kevin A. Guttman

fha reverse mortgage

Older man in a wheelchair and his grand daughter looking at the stars of the fallen at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. – See lightbox for more

Working with senior homeowners these past several years has been eye opening. To summarize, most
people are not ready for retirement or when they stop working. It is more the exception than the rule to
find someone who is set up for their golden years financially. The FHA reverse mortgage can help.
One of the reasons I decided to help senior homeowners some years back was they are vulnerable and
need someone who is going to be honest and help them navigate the myriad of choices they encounter
in their golden years. Overall, seniors are wonderful to work with and I learn a lot from them!
So, how can a senior homeowner have a safe, secure retirement with certainty? What if there were a
way a senior homeowner at retirement could:
– have no mandatory monthly mortgage payments
– have access to their home equity that is earning 4-6% compound interest, guaranteed, protected
from a real estate market correction, and when using their equity, the funds are tax free
– build up the 401k/IRA to a level that is more than they expected
– delay Social Security until age 70, so as to maximize their benefit
This would ensure a retirement that is sustainable. Is this possible or just a nice dream? It IS possible
with a special financing program available to senior homeowners. This program eliminates their
mandatory monthly mortgage payments. It allows them to access a portion of their equity that earns 4-
6% a year compound interest, which is guaranteed and protected from any real estate correction. When
the homeowners uses the funds, they are tax free.
Because the senior is no longer making a mandatory monthly mortgage payment, they can take that
money and put it into their 401k or IRA while they continue to work. If they are willing to delay Social
Security to age 70, they would realize the maximum benefit.
So, a seniors retirement would be: no mandatory monthly mortgage payments, a line of credit that earns
interest they can draw on tax free, a more robust 401k or IRA and the maximum Social Security benefit
If you know someone who could benefit from this information, pass along this blog. If you want to
learn more, I would enjoy visiting with you.

Kevin A Guttman – Reverse Mortgage Specialist